Whatever Happened to the Triple Bottom Line
Growing up in a packaging household, I remember hearing about the concept of ‘triple bottom line’ a lot. And then I forgot about it. Over time, ESG and other terms seem to have replaced the elegant simplicity...
TEST Setting up your sustainable packaging initiatives for success.
If you're involved in packaging, it's nearly a guarantee that more sustainability projects are coming across your desk. If you're an executive, the growing tide of environmentally focused consumers is pushing harder than ever to move to sustainable packaging.
The Challenges of Sustainable Packaging
In today’s world, CPGs are experiencing unprecedented supply chain challenges, often times taking focus away from key initiatives. One of the biggest global initiatives is to transition packaging to sustainable packaging.
Purpose-built project management tools are the true Advil to your pain
Why Packaging Project Management Tools are necessary for CPG innovation. Packaging plays such a key role in CPGs success. Getting new products to market faster, executing sustainability strategies and mitigating risk in the supply chain all involve packaging.…
Evaluating project management tools for packaging
Many packaging professionals we talk with are buried in projects. The average number of projects we hear packaging engineers work on at any given time is between 14-16. That's a LOT of things to track.…
Why Good Project Management is Key to Success in Packaging
We know first-hand just how difficult packaging is - coordinating with disconnected internal teams, external vendors, specialized workflows, lack of data and complex material science makes packaging one of the most exhilarating and challenging areas in busines
It’s time to re-think single-sourced packaging strategies
Let's face it, packaging supply chains right now are a disaster. Historically stable product lines like glass and resin suddenly have lead times extended, and many companies are finding themselves scrambling to avoid out-of-stock and hits to key supply chain
Why packaging is critical to building resilient supply chains
We get it. Specifically solving your packaging supply chain may seem like a small piece to a much larger strategic shift to more resilient and agile sourcing priorities. But, without packaging, companies can’t get their product to their customers.…
Artwork and printing when you can't travel
Being on press during initial print runs has always been critical in the packaging procurement process. And why wouldn’t it be? Your print is your brand and everyone sees it! But, 2020 has made it nearly impossible to be present during press approvals. This is
Building an Antifragile Packaging Procurement Program
As we turn the page to 2021, one of the biggest lessons learned from the past year is that many things in packaging supply chains are just not predictable. And it’s interesting to see the annual ‘this is how next year will play out’ prediction articles popping
Vendor Lock-In; The Enemy of Supply Chain Agility
2020 is defined by disruptions. Disruptions to daily life, social interactions and global supply chains. Disruptions require fast and accurate action, often with very opaque information. Conditions on the ground change constantly, sometimes in the manner of ho
Sustainable Packaging — It’s all about that base… line
Apologies to anyone who will have that song stuck in their head the rest of the day! Sustainable Packaging is critical to the success of, well, future generations of the world. And it's amazing to see so many companies making sustainable packaging...
How to support your packaging procurement team during COVID-19
It goes without saying that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected workers’ mental health. We’re all feeling the effects as we try to work from home and balance family responsibilities. And we all know someone who is suffering from anxiety or depression. Or to put
Try not to suck – how packaging procurement is like being a Cubs fan
I’m a huge baseball fan. I also grew up in Chicago, and for a kid who loves baseball, growing up in Chicago means you need to make a choice. Do you follow the Sox, or do you follow the Cubs? I chose the Cubs. It wasn’t an easy choice. I spent a painful 30 year
COVID-19 is a wakeup call for packaging supply chain agility
If there’s one thing the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us so far, it’s that packaging supply chains are vulnerable. Disruptions in production and shipping and rising costs are placing continuity of supply at risk. At the same time, packaging and category teams
Is Your Artwork Approval Process Snafu?
If there’s one thing that’s true about packaging, it’s that managing artwork approval sucks. Your packaging approval may depend on a dozen people, spread out all over the world, trying to communicate with email and Excel files. All too often, people lose track
Use Automation to Strengthen Your Existing Packaging Supply Chain
A solid, long-term packaging supplier relationship is good for business. It’s great to have a supplier who knows your processes and needs. It creates solid professional relationships between stakeholders that spur collaboration and facilitate problem-solving…
Automate Your Packaging Procurement to Reduce Risk
By now you’re probably aware of the risks to your packaging supply chain from natural disasters, trade disputes, supplier failure, production errors, and freight interruptions. Did you know that automating your procurement operations can reduce and mitigate ma
Where Are Your Specs and Artwork?
How are you managing your packaging specifications and artwork? Long-term supplier relationships are great when things are running smoothly, but what if something disrupts your supply and you need to switch producers in a hurry? If you don’t know where your up