Use Automation to Strengthen Your Existing Packaging Supply Chain

A solid, long-term packaging supplier relationship is good for business. It’s great to have a supplier who knows your processes and needs. It creates solid professional relationships between stakeholders that spur collaboration and facilitate problem-solving.

Automation of your key procurement processes can make long-term supplier relationships stronger. It can have real benefits to your business as well. It can help you reduce operational costs, improve your continuity of supply, and streamline change management and trouble management processes.

There are operational benefits as well. With automation you can centralize and track key processes such as artwork approvals, unify stakeholder communications to a single platform (and eliminate reliance on email, spreadsheets and paper files), and control mission-critical data such as specs and artwork files.

A Few Details:

  1. Reduce operational costs by consolidating resources and optimizing processes. Improve productivity, reduce the amount of time employees spend tracking down info, and streamline communications.
  2. Improve artwork processes by centralizing files and tracking approvals and workflows. Reduce errors, eliminate delays getting new products to market, and stop shuffling production while you wait for your packaging to come in.
  3. Streamline change and trouble management by unifying communications and facilitating collaboration across stakeholders. Share critical data and files, track approvals, and improve quality assurance.

The Bottom Line

You already know the benefits of having a good, long-standing supplier. You also know that your opportunities for cost reduction are limited, unless you’re willing to switch to a new supplier.

Automating your procurement processes can result in significant operational costs savings. This makes it a good investment for a couple of reasons:

  1. You get to save on your procurement costs, and
  2. It improves your business case for staying with your current supplier.

But cost savings are only half the story. Done right, automation can enhance and strengthen an already-strong supplier relationship by removing reliance on informal and undocumented processes and bringing all of your stakeholders onto the same page for communication. As a result, your procurement efficiency, and your continuity of supply will improve.

Automation also builds a strong foundation for collaboration as your critical processes, such as artwork approvals, will be clear. All your stakeholders will have visible access to the same information, and they’ll be able to communicate effectively with one another.

The next time you introduce a new change to your packaging using automation, everyone can work together to implement the change, and get your product to market faster.

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