Build packaging supply chain redundancy overnight

With supply shortages and extended lead times, it’s harder than ever to get the packaging you need, when you need it. SourceHUB enables you to quickly identify and onboard new suppliers to keep production running, while mitigating risk with in-country resources managing every step of the way.

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Stabalize Your Supply Chain. Mitigate Risk:

  • Reduce lead times: Submit global RFQs to highly qualified manufacturers in minutes with our SmartMatch technology
  • Onboard quickly: Automate approval and trial processes to get up and running fast
  • Mitigate risk: In-country QA teams manage every step of the onboarding and quality processes

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Get some sleep tonight with our in-country quality assurance

Having "boots on the ground" at new supplier locations significantly streamlines onboarding and mitigates startup risk. SourceHUB has partnered with MPK Packaging to put project management teams physically at global supplier locations to manage quality, trials, specification development and approval processes. And, SourceHUB provides visibility every step of the way.

Reduce supplier selection and onboarding time by 50%

  1. Enter quote details and get matched with 3-5 manufacturers. Ask questions, negotiate or make changes as needed.
  2. Complete cost and lead time analysis, with an in-country team coordinating with suppliers.
  3. Select supplier and launch project. The entire process is automated on SourceHUB with MPK in-factory every step of the way.

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We've audited the suppliers for you

MPK packaging has strong relationships with all manufacturers on our marketplace. With strong local connections, and rigorous audits, our process only ensures suppliers who can deliver on what they say they will are invited. MPK Packaging has rigorlouly audited each supplier on our marketplace.

Our marketplace is invite-only, ensuring that only suppliers who meet the most rigorous standards of food safety and quality are included.


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