Goodbye Excel.

Hello automation.

Let’s face it, running packaging through Excel, email and manual processes makes life way harder than it should be.

Simplify your life by bringing your entire packaging supply chain onto the same page – reducing the time, effort and money spent reacting to chaos resulting from disconnected supply chains.

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Get control of your specifications

Never guess at what your packaging specification is again. SourceHUB standardizes your data and provides a single source of truth for all of your internal and external stakeholders.

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Artwork and approvals at your fingertips

Artwork causes major issues — delays cause production inefficiencies, out-of-stock situations and countless wasted hours of your team’s time. SourceHUB provides a collaborative platform that gets artwork from creation to delivery faster than ever.

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A global Marketplace

Finding qualified manufacturers or distributors used to take months (or longer). SourceHUB's highly vetted marketplace makes finding and qualifying manufacturers globally faster and easier than ever before.

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Collaborate with everyone

It takes more than a buyer and manufacturer to bring a package to life. Up to 30 different people, from 6 different companies and who knows how many countries are typically involved in the process. SourceHUB provides record-specific messaging to reduce time wasted searching for who said what, and when.

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