Notification Preferences

Published Nov 9, 2021

SourceHUB will communicate activity in your company, records, and network to you in the form of notifications which can be received through email, SMS, or WhatsApp. You can configure the notifications you will receive and how by clicking your profile icon (the top right of the page) and selecting My Profile -> Notifications.

Initially you will only see options for email notifications, with several checked by default. Uncheck and be sure to save changes to silence certain notifications.

To unlock SMS and WhatsApp options, add a phone number and check the box to receive SMS notifications on the My Profile page. Note: not all notifications can be received by all delivery methods -- some may be restricted to only a certain type (e.g.: email).

Trouble receiving notifications?

  1. Make sure your email is validated. When you signed up, you should have received an email with a link to verify delivery. If you don't have this, or remember getting this, email to verify your address for you.
  2. As always, check for any typos in the address as well as your spam folder if you're trying to receive notifications for the first time. Adding any of our system emails to your address book will help ensure future delivery.
  3. If you ever clicked Mark as spam instead of Delete (very easy to do) in your email client, or unsubscribed in the past, you may have been added to our suppression list. Email for assistance getting off that list.

Note: SMS deliveries may have a slight delay. Contact support if you have any issues getting SMS or WhatsApp notifications and check our status page for any downtime in these systems and with Twilio (the vendor we use for these deliveries).

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