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for your packaging specs

Managing specifications with email and Excel leads to quality issues, inefficient RFQs and delayed trials. SourceHUB digitizes your specifications and automates approvals across your global supply chain to reduce time, save money and limit quality issues.

Implement Fast with SmartSpec™

Whether you’re an individual or global enterprise, SmartSpec™ OCR enables you to be up and running in days, not months. Simply upload any file type and SmartSpec™ imports data into our standardized templates.

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The Single Source of Truth

SourceHUB brings everyone in the packaging value chain onto the same page, ensuring everyone has the right data, at the right time.

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Faster Trials and NPIs

Automate your trial and approval workflows to complete trials and innovation projects faster than ever. Assign and manage tasks with both internal team members and external stakeholders with ease.

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* Take control of your spec management
50 specs
Unlimited users
Support: Email
  • 30-minute training
  • Record level collaboration
  • Approvals / at-risk alerting
  • Revision control
  • Spec Management 
  • Robust search tools
  • Standardized templates
  • SmartSpec™ OCR/import tool

Ready to simplify your specs?

Plans include a 14-day free trial / 90-day money back guarantee — no credit card required

Unify your Entire Value Chain

Collaboration is in our DNA. Our tools centralize communication, but enable users to continue using their email inboxes.

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Find what you need fast

Search both data fields and uploaded documents - reducing the time it takes to find what you need. Whether you’re searching for a material, supplier, product line, or anything else you can imagine - our search tools accomplish the job faster than ever.

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