Company Profile and Locations

Published Nov 9, 2021

Setting up your company profile lets SourceHUB support staff as well as any third party service providers, suppliers, or other partners recognize and identify your company. On our marketplace, it's also useful to differentiate yourself and your services from other providers or buyers.

Setup your profile by clicking the profile icon on the top right of any page and selecting Company Profile. From there, upload a logo, headline or fill out any of the other fields (all are optional).

Secondly, visit the Location Manager on the left of the settings page to populate your address book. Several of our features (purchase orders, shipping, quoting) utilize your address book as a fast-fill when completing addresses, so entering them ahead of time can be a time saver. Using the address book also helps for location-based reporting, as it reduces duplicates versus entering an address each time, potentially with a few different characters.

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