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We all know it – packaging procurement sucks

We founded SourceHUB after decades of frustration trying to manage packaging with excel, email and manual workflows. We saw how the disconnect between artwork, specs, procurement and external stakeholders held companies back from achieving sustainability targets, getting product to market fast, reducing costs and mitigating packaging supply chain risk. SourceHUB fixes that disconnect to make packaging procurement easier and drive true value for your business.

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Sorry to be blunt, but if you’re in packaging you know it’s true. Packaging procurement sucks for two big reasons – broken processes and bad communications.

Everyone in packaging knows it sucks. Everyone also knows it’s hard to fix the problem. But you know how it goes...it’s impossible to fix things when everyone spends all day running around trying to put out fires.

There’s a better way.

It’s possible to fix process and communications problems and build a packaging supply chain that works. To do it, we looked at ways to make things simple and do them better. The result is SourceHUB, your control tower for all things packaging. It does simple better to make packaging procurement easier.

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Do simple better

In short – packaging is really just a series of projects (NPIs, sustainability, steady-state business, resiliency building). SourceHUB provides the data, workflows and visibility to easily manage those projects, get them done fast, and see how all the pieces fit together to avoid delays and other roadblocks to achieving your goals.

Process and communications are two sides of the same coin. They both rely on good data, clear accountability and easy collaboration.

SourceHUB is built around these three key factors to streamline packaging workflows. It puts all your specs, artwork, supplier info, quoting, production and other mission critical data in one place, creates accountability by automating and tracking approvals and provides a space for all stakeholders to communicate and collaborate in real time.

The result is you hit your KPIs for procurement by reducing or eliminating held up orders, out-of-stock, and order fulfillment issues.

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About John Moran

John Moran is our founder and SourceHUB is his vision. John has spent most of his career in the packaging industry, managing complex global supply chains for Fortune 50 to SMB companies. After years of watching companies struggle with broken processes and bad communications, he began working on a simple, made-for-packaging solution that would streamline packaging procurement and help companies get more value out of their supply chains. In 2020, he launched SourceHUB.

John’s on the ground knowledge of how packaging teams work, and his belief that technology can be used to provide simple solutions for complex problems, are what make SourceHUB a one-of-a-kind solution, built by packaging people for packaging people.

John holds a bachelor of science degree in business administration, finance, and economics from Marquette University in Milwaukee. He lives and works in Naperville, Illinois.

Packaging procurement will never be easy, but SourceHUB makes it suck a lot less.